About MTMH

Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital(MTMH) - Cancer Centre

Who we are

Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) was established in 1975. Inaugurated by JRD Tata, the comprehensive cancer care centre has catered to patients from Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and Nepal since then. In 2018, Tata Trusts stepped in with a grant to expand the facilities, infrastructure and level of treatment at MTMH, so that it could become a referral centre for cancer patients in Jharkhand.

MTMH supports poor patients through MTMH Poor bed fund and through donations received from both corporate and private donors. It is a designated Ayushman centre. OPD consultation is free for BPL patients. For the convenience of attendance, MTMH facilitates TWU and Rotary shelter.

What we do

The Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) caters to cancer patients from Jharkhand and adjoining states and supports below poverty line patients by arranging for grants (government schemes or private donation). It is empaneled for Mukhyamantri Gambhir Bimari Yojana and the Ayushman scheme. It has tied up with corporates and public sectors to provide cancer care to their employees.

Department of Radiation Oncology has a state-of-the-art True Beam LINAC and an Elekta LINAC. The True Beam is the only advanced radiotherapy machine in Jharkhand capable of specialized radiotherapy procedures such as IMRT, IGRT and SRS. Brachytherapy is available with the latest equipment. Two consultants and senior residents, besides Medical Physicists and technologists man the department.

The Department of Medical Oncology has two experienced consultants with super specialization in Medical Oncology. Besides solid tumors, they routinely treat leukemia and other hematological malignancies. There is a neutropenia ward and two neutropenia cabins with laminar flow to ensure safety of leukemia patients who are more prone to infections. There is a separate day care chemotherapy ward for the convenience of patients undergoing chemotherapy.

As part of tie up with TMH, surgical oncologists, general surgeons, gynaecologists, ENT, and dental surgeons are available in the OPD for consultation. Minor surgical procedures are done in the OPD procedure room. Patients requiring surgery are seamlessly transferred and operated in TMH. Similarly, patients requiring critical care facility are transferred to TMH CCU. There is a plan to build a 4-bedded ICU at MTMH in FY 22.

The Palliative Care unit, funded by the Suri Seva Foundation was inaugurated in February 2020. A Senior Palliative Care Consultant with more than 20- year experience heads the unit. There are trained doctors and Medico-Social Worker attached to it.

There is a multi-disciplinary tumor board that discusses treatment plan of all patients.

MTMH has a state-of-the art diagnostic center with two CT machine (128 slice and 32 slice emergency CT) one 3- Tesla MRI, PET CT, ultrasound, mammography and digital X-ray facilities. CT- guided biopsies and FNAC are routinely done. A second MRI is planned to reduce wait time.

Pathology provides immunohistochemistry as an advanced test, besides histopathology, cytology, tumor markers, drug levels like Methotrexate and routine tests. A PCR machine is also being procured to carry out molecular tests in-house.

The expansion project completed in March 2019 resulted in the following upgradation of MTMH

  • Addition of a 2nd LINAC machine for advanced radiotherapy
  • Replacement of the existing HDR (brachytherapy equipment)
  • Installation of a PET-CT facility
  • Construction of OPD in existing MTMH building
  • Increase in number of beds: 72 to 128
  • Sky bridge constructed to connect new and old wards
  • Addition of medical oncology, radiotherapy, day care chemotherapy and palliative care wards
  • Renovation and air conditioning of wards (male and female) and cabins
  • Therapeutic Garden