Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Every patient suffering from cancer requires Palliative Care, irrespective of the stage of the disease. In the early stage, it might be honest and empathetic communication, during the journey of the disease it might be symptom management. As the disease advances the burden of symptoms increases. Despite of adequate treatment, if disease recurs, we should be able to care for the patients.

For the first time in Jharkhand, Pritpal Palliative Care Centre , which is funded by Suri Seva Foundation, USA, has been established at Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital. The unit was inaugurated by Mrs Ruchi Narendran on 15th February 2020. This is state of art, eight bedded Palliative Care unit, with staying facility for one relative with the patient. Empathetic staff trained in Palliative care, is available for the service. The Therapeutic Garden will add to the good care of the patients.

This unit will serve Oncopalliative care to the patients. Few training activities will be conducted at the centre. In near future, Home based Palliative care services will be added to the facilities. A meditation hall, will be established for caring of relatives and patients. Creating awareness about Palliative Care, in the society will be done with various efforts.

Experienced Medical Social Worker, trained in the field of palliative care is available at the centre. Medical Social Work (MSW) is a part of the palliative care unit.

MSW deals with the following activities under the palliative care unit:

Current activities:
Patient Care Management: Interventions with patients and their families in regards to psychosocial Interventions. Grief counselling, bereavement support is provided at the centre. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in organizational activities.

Future activities:
We will educate the team members to lead to effective patient care management with a holistic approach for improving patients care of life. We will develop a holistic patient care plan in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team. Brainstorming for Research activities will be done. Community awareness, community outreach programs will be organized through NGOs, CBOs, Government organizations to increase the awareness in the society. We also plan Home care services in future. Initiation of a bereavement cell is also planned.

Doctor's Name
1. Dr. Urmila Patel


2. Ms. Manju Ekka